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System Virtualization


Virtualization is a technology that allows you to consolidate your servers, save on environment costs and space, and allows for less downtime and quicker disaster recovery.

VMware is the company who distributes one of the most used Virtualization environments in the world. Norat is proud to be a VMware Professional Partner. Norat has implemented VMware with some clients for consolidation of servers and disaster recovery.

VMware’s concept is that Hardware Resources are not used to its peak on most daily processing. With VMware you can operate a few virtual servers on the one physical server, allowing for resources to be better utilized and shared amongst the virtual servers.  Resources are adjusted automatically between the servers when required or resources can be reserved for an image.

The diagram below illustrates that multiple Server Operating systems can operate on the one Server Hardware.

A few of the many advantages of a VMware environment are:

  • Server Consolidation
  • Reduced Costs for Ongoing Operation
  • Increased Support and Protection for Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Servers
  • Advanced Resource Management and Load Balancing across Servers
  • Easy to setup Test Environments
  • Ability to Recover complete servers off site in hours rather than days


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